Demonworld Core Rulebook released

Demonworld Miniatures Game Core Rulebook
New from FASA Games, the new edition of Demonworld, using smaller unit sizes and featuring hex free play using FASA's U18 system
pdf download available now

For many years, the Humans and Orcs waged bloody war, tearing up the earth, felling the trees, and scattering the wildlife. In the end, both sides lay bloody and bruised, with no true victor. While they fought, the Dwarves built their armies. They huddled in their workshops and made war machines and golems. Now is the time for the Dwarves to march for the surface to strike at their weakened foes. As the Dwarves calculated in their caverns, the Warlords of Thain sat high on their island hills. Their shamans communed with the spirits of eagle and wolf, their warriors practised for the coming battles, and their leaders waited for the final word of attack. 

Now, the demons have returned from their exile, and there is more at stake than ever before. Enemies are repelled from all sides, the races are as divided as they have ever been, and the preservation, or end, of life in the world is the final prize.

demonworld corebook



Demonworld is a fantasy wargame in miniature. With easy-to-learn rules, you control units of soldiers, commanders, vehicles, artillery, spirits, giants, and flying creatures. Use powerful magic to defeat your enemy. Locate artifacts lost to time. Defend the honour of your race.


Demonworld Miniatures Core Rulebook
Format:  6" x 9"
160 B&W pages

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