Empires -The game

Empires- the hybrid miniatures boardgame.
In the game of EMPIRES you step into the role of a mighty warlord in a medieval-fantasy world in which wizards, heroes, fearsome creatures and powerful engines of war are a part of everyday life. Players recruit units, heroes and wizards for their armies, build villages, cities and fortresses, and try to defeat their opponents' forces and conquer their territories in order to expand their own empires.
The play style is reminiscent of classic real-time strategy pc games such as Age of Empires, where you gather resources from structures you own and use them to build more, train troops and control territory.

Download the rules for free here
army list here and also
available are hex map sets 2   3   4   5 

Empires board
Paper or cloth hex maps can be used, this is a custom built 3D fully textured board.

The game can be played with counters or miniatures-

There are also rules for ships-
isthak fleet


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