December Releases

Just added to the store, our first festive themed miniature - Dwarf Santa!

santa dwarf

Sculpted for us by the very talented Mark Evans, this old school festive dwarf brings presents to all the good boys and girls of the Olde Worlde, though if you don't paint him red he could probably pass for a winter clad dwarf thief with a big bag of swag!

He measures approx 20mm tall (or short depending on your point of view!)

Santa Dwarf      £2.95

Or, you can claim this dwarf for free during December if your order is over £30 before postage!

Just write 'can I get a little Santa?' in the information box at checkout.

Chaos Knights

Chaos Knight with Sword   £2.95

chaos knight with sword

Chaos Knight with Mace    £2.95

chaos knight with mace

Mutated Knight with Axe    £2.95

mutant knight with axe

Chaos Knight with slug mutation  £3.50

chaos knight with slug mutation

There is a limited time introductory offer on these up until Christmas,

you can purchase all four for the special price of just £10   (rrp £12.35)

A note about order processing- Due to the huge number of orders we received last week we 

are taking a few more days than usual to process orders, we are working through them as

quickly as we can and expect any outstanding orders to be shipped next week. Thank you for 

your patience and thank you for making November our busiest month yet!

RPE Team

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