Captain Redbeard's Dwarf Pirates

Live on Kickstarter now and funded with one free stretch goal already unlocked, Cap'n Redbeard's Pirate Dwarves! 
finishing on Easter Monday.

A set of 9 dwarf pirates and a swivel gun, with one free addition already unlocked:

With the opportunity to add a warband of dwarves from our previous kickstarter to 
a pledge on this one for a special price. 

Dwarf Kickstarter -retail release imminent!

All pledges should now have been delivered so we are in the process of adding the dwarves to the site- they will be activated in the next few days.
Here they all are, as painted up by Adam Dodge and submitted through our facebook page, he's done a great job on them. 





DW001 Dwarf King Ragnar the Fierce 

DW002 Dwarf King's Guard 1, Einar

DW003 Dwarf King's Guard 2, Gunnar

DW004 Dwarf Wizard, Gundölf the Grymme

DW005 Dwarf Wizard's Apprentice, Harald the Wise

DW006 Dwarf Scribe, Morten the Venerable

DW007 Dwarf Brewmaster, Olaf 

DW008 Dwarf Swordsman 1, Gudbrand

DW009 Dwarf Swordsman 2, Ulf

DW010 Dwarf Swordsman 3, Knut

DW011 Dwarf Axeman 1, Ivar 

DW012 Dwarf Axeman 2, Steinar

DW013 Dwarf Spearman 1, Grettir

DW014 Dwarf Spearman 2, Refur 

DW015 Dwarf Crossbow 1, Olli

DW016 Dwarf Crossbow 2, Sven

DW017 Dwarf Ranger, Dagur the Swift 

DW018 Dwarf Thug 1, Berk

DW019 Dwarf Thug 2, Tuffnut the Hook

DW020 Dwarf Marksman on skis, Ullr the Intrepid

DW021 Könan the Dwarf Barbarian

DW022 Sönja the Red, Dwarf Female Barbarian

DW023 Snorri the Furtive, Dwarf Assassin

DW024 Claus the Thief, (santa dwarf)

February Releases, Demonworld singles

Added to the store so far this month: 

BlightHaven 15mm

We have released the first two in a new series for BlightHaven  'Encounter Packs'
These are a departure from the warbands released so far and are intended to supplement those packs,
for use in RPGs or dungeoncrawls or as the basis for a small army.

BE001 Questing Heroes (10)     £5.00
an assortment of heroes of various races and classes

questing heroes

BE002 Orc Mob  (18)    £10.00  
a sizeable orc and goblin force lead by a spider mounted Orc, with a troll and half troll in support  

orc mob

Demonworld 15mm - Singles

We have begun the lengthy task of photographing and listing all the demonworld miniatures individually so that
people can pick and choose particular characters and troops to build up their warband or army as they see fit. 
Prices range begin at .75p for a basic troop. 

D1510A barbarian D1520A barbarian warlord DI105B knight DI003C orc chieftain

Heartbreaker 28mm
Tim Prow range

3504 Ratman Leader with pistol   £2.25
3506 Ratman Champion with mechanical hand   £2.25
3512 Goblin Shaman  £2.25

3504 3506 3512


Chaotic Shield with Horned Skull design  .30p
Elf Shield #4 with Winged design    .15p
Barbaric Shield #4 with fur and studs  .20p

Follow us on facebook for news and previews, such as these dwarves for our upcoming 

dwarf warband kickstarter, coming very soon- 

dwarf vteran dwarf axeman

Thanks for reading, 

The RPE Team

Dwarf veteran Warband Kickstarter - funded

Our second venture on to kickstarter has funded on the first day, with one week left to go we have reached
£4,500 and 150 backers! A pledge of £25 gets a warband of 10 different dwarves with a free stretch goal
dwarf ninja assassin. Unlocked add-on goals include a master brewer, captain, thugs and even a tracker boar.

dwarf warband kickstarter

some work in progress troops- 
dwarf swordsman 2


New Year Releases

Newsletter 10th January 2016

Happy New Year from the RPE team! 

We have started the new year off with a huge release of Noble Armada spacecraft,
22 new additions to the range are now available, a full listing of the Noble Armada range is here  
dragon destroyer efreet destroyer trafalgar carrier

We have also added some prototype resin micro terrain to the store, designed to be compatible with Battletech.
The first release is a modular tower block system-
SC1001   Tower Block Set (3pc)  £12.00
SC1001A Tower Block single storey  £5.00
SC1001B Tower Block Ground floor   £5.00

tower block set single storey tower block entrance

and finally, one addition to the Demonworld range- 
after a customer suggestion we have made two of the crew from the Isthak Snow Cannon available as a separate
unit pack, with 9 troops and 1 leader- 

4217A Ice Witch Temple Guards (10)    £4.50

Ice witch temple guard

Over the next few weeks there will be new additions to the Chaos Knights and classic 
Heartbreaker ranges, 1879 -18mm vsf, the first retail releases of our Phroggs (giant space frogs) range as
well as news about our forthcoming dwarf warband kickstarter. (some previews have already appeared on 
our facebook page  www.facebook.com/RPEMiniaturesAndGames

Thanks for reading,
RPE Team

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