Dwarf Kickstarter -retail release imminent!

All pledges should now have been delivered so we are in the process of adding the dwarves to the site- they will be activated in the next few days.
Here they all are, as painted up by Adam Dodge and submitted through our facebook page, he's done a great job on them. 





DW001 Dwarf King Ragnar the Fierce 

DW002 Dwarf King's Guard 1, Einar

DW003 Dwarf King's Guard 2, Gunnar

DW004 Dwarf Wizard, Gundölf the Grymme

DW005 Dwarf Wizard's Apprentice, Harald the Wise

DW006 Dwarf Scribe, Morten the Venerable

DW007 Dwarf Brewmaster, Olaf 

DW008 Dwarf Swordsman 1, Gudbrand

DW009 Dwarf Swordsman 2, Ulf

DW010 Dwarf Swordsman 3, Knut

DW011 Dwarf Axeman 1, Ivar 

DW012 Dwarf Axeman 2, Steinar

DW013 Dwarf Spearman 1, Grettir

DW014 Dwarf Spearman 2, Refur 

DW015 Dwarf Crossbow 1, Olli

DW016 Dwarf Crossbow 2, Sven

DW017 Dwarf Ranger, Dagur the Swift 

DW018 Dwarf Thug 1, Berk

DW019 Dwarf Thug 2, Tuffnut the Hook

DW020 Dwarf Marksman on skis, Ullr the Intrepid

DW021 Könan the Dwarf Barbarian

DW022 Sönja the Red, Dwarf Female Barbarian

DW023 Snorri the Furtive, Dwarf Assassin

DW024 Claus the Thief, (santa dwarf)

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