January 11th 2014 
It looks like being a busy year ahead for RPE... 

The Goblinaid project comes to close at the end of January. We are delighted to have been able to help out the community in this way and to raise money for Kev. We are pleased to report that he is back to sculpting again, though there is some plastic surgery still to be completed in January. 
With the news that Kev is sculpting again we are happy to say he has done some more 15mm lizardmen for us. We will be adding 10 new figures to the 3 already available, and will continue to grow this range throughout the year.

There will be a veritable flood of releases this year for FASAs 1879 Alternate Victorian history game. The first wave will include the undead Samsut (previews below) aswell as British troopers.

More sneak previews and updates will be appearing on our facebook page.


Trolls -Fantasy Armies range


Excellent work from Jonas over at  http://kampgruppe-engel.blogspot.se/  on these classic Bob Olley trolls from the Fantasy Armies range. 
We love the natural understated colour scheme and the attention to detail.


For the full range of trolls check our store here


Ral Partha Fantasy

We manufacture all the Classic Ral Partha miniatures listed on our site under license.

The classic 03 series of characters, adventurers and anti heroes. 

ranger painted by Orctrader


Gods, Demons, Heroes and Monsters- This classic range has something for every adventure.

Giant griffon zombies


Barbarians, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Undead, Ogres and Trolls are all covered by this classic Fantasy army builder range.

Barbarian tyrant undead Gargantua Orc

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