February Releases, Demonworld singles

Added to the store so far this month: 

BlightHaven 15mm

We have released the first two in a new series for BlightHaven  'Encounter Packs'
These are a departure from the warbands released so far and are intended to supplement those packs,
for use in RPGs or dungeoncrawls or as the basis for a small army.

BE001 Questing Heroes (10)     £5.00
an assortment of heroes of various races and classes

questing heroes

BE002 Orc Mob  (18)    £10.00  
a sizeable orc and goblin force lead by a spider mounted Orc, with a troll and half troll in support  

orc mob

Demonworld 15mm - Singles

We have begun the lengthy task of photographing and listing all the demonworld miniatures individually so that
people can pick and choose particular characters and troops to build up their warband or army as they see fit. 
Prices range begin at .75p for a basic troop. 

D1510A barbarian D1520A barbarian warlord DI105B knight DI003C orc chieftain

Heartbreaker 28mm
Tim Prow range

3504 Ratman Leader with pistol   £2.25
3506 Ratman Champion with mechanical hand   £2.25
3512 Goblin Shaman  £2.25

3504 3506 3512


Chaotic Shield with Horned Skull design  .30p
Elf Shield #4 with Winged design    .15p
Barbaric Shield #4 with fur and studs  .20p

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dwarf vteran dwarf axeman

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