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Vor Growler pups for 15mm

We've noticed a few customers have bought some of the Vor Growler pups along with 15mm Demonworld miniatures, so I decided it was time to take some comparison photos of them. 
Here they are ink washed, pictured alongside a Thain barbarian and some of our 1879 VSF Brit troops:

growler pups ink washed

Pretty good I thought, in fact it inspired me to paint some up over the weekend. Being 28mm miniatures the growler pups come with 25mm plastic slotta bases, as you can see in the picture, these are a bit big for 15mm so I decided to put them on some custom 20mm metal bases I had made for our Blighthaven packs. A couple of the models hang down over the base sides a fair bit so I would have to build up some height on the base with rocks to stop them scraping the ground. I snipped off their tabs and glued them onto their new rocky bases, one model in particular has both arms outstretched as though it is preparing to vault forward, I glued it's hands onto a rock so it would look as though it was in mid leap.

I decided to paint them in a muted khaki-brown colour, the growlers are all painted in bright colours which works great for them as different strains of an alien race but I wanted them to be more goblinoid or troll-like. 
I'm fairly pleased with the results- here they are again, pictured first with some of the 1879 Brits,

painted growler pups

and in a scene slightly reminiscent of the film Outlander, here they are again facing off against some Barbarians from the Demonworld range-

growler pups with demonworld

These are three firegut pups and a Bluefang (the chubby one)
I might have to pull out the rest of the Growler pups and expand the group, maybe adding a big growler as a sort of pack leader.

Link to -Vor Growlers in the store

painted growler comparison


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